6th International Conference on Acoustics and Vibration

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   Chair's Message of the Sixth International Conference on Acoustics and Vibration

All praise for God who gave us success to host dear scholars, scientists, researchers and professors at the Sixth International Conference on Acoustics and Vibration. Five times successful holding of the conference, we were encouraged to try to work in collaboration with all the specialists in this field, so qualified sixth conference to be held from prior conferences. Of course, this is the second time the conference will be held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, KNT University, which in turn leads to pride of KNT University and me as a member of the faculty.
With the efforts of our professors and students, the conference secretariat received 187 papers. Then, after a careful process of peer review, 105 papers were accepted for presentation in the form of speech. The papers consist of 63 articles in Persian and 42 articles in English. 34 articles are also were chosen for the posters. So, a total of 139 articles have been chosen. Selected papers of the conference can be followed in the future after the review, can be published in the journal of International acoustic and vibration in English.
The other programs of the conference are as follows: top researcher selection, the best students theses, organization of student competitions related to conferences, exhibitions and holding the workshop specialized in the field of acoustics and vibrations by professors and experts for hobbyists.
Thanks from the keynote speakers, the Ministry of Science and Research and Technology, Regional Center for Information Science and Technology, National Science Foundation, The Islamic World Science Citation Center, Center for International Scientific Studies and Collaboration, National Elites Foundation, Iran Khodro Group, Group Mapna, Aerospace Industries Organization, international companies Sika Parsian and Parsitek , authors, speakers and referee, members of the scientific committees and executive KNT University, the Association of acoustics and vibrations, and all the friends and colleagues whom their material and spiritual support we have received.
I hope that this valuable cooperation and consensus in the conference have continued in the following years.

Prof Ali Asghar Jafari

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