5th International Conference on Acoustics and Vibration

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It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to the 5th International Conference on Acoustics and Vibration (ISAV2015) which follows previous conferences held in Tehran. ISAV2015 is jointly organized by University of Tehran and Iranian Society of Acoustics and Vibration (ISAV). I hope we can provide you all with a program that help us develop and enhance the science and engineering of acoustics and vibration. The conference provides an international forum for presentation and exchange of the latest scientific achievements and technological developments in both fields of acoustics and vibration. The program features plenary and keynote presentations, contributed oral and poster papers, a specialized exhibition, and a number of technical workshops. A student competition for selection of the best BSc, MSc and PhD theses in acoustics and vibration is another exciting event in ISAV2015.
As the chair of ISAV2015, I must state that we owe the success of this conference to the great people who have worked with us in planning and organizing both the technical program and social events. In particular, I thank the ISAV Committee Chairs for their advice and suggestion in organizing the technical program; the Scientific Committee members for their thorough and timely review of the papers, and our sponsors who helped us to keep ISAV2015 this pleasant for all participants. Special thanks to the Executive Committee members who have worked extremely hard for all details and important matters of the conference programs and social activities.

Mohammad J. Mahjoob
Chairman, ISAV2015

   Message from vice-president of Iranian Society of Acoustics and Vibration (ISAV)

I sincerely thank God for granting the opportunity of congregation once again with the professors, researchers, engineers and students in the area of acoustics and vibration to review recent achievements, advances, technologies and innovations in different disciplines of Vibration and Acoustics in the Fifth International Conference in Acoustics and Vibration (ISAV2015). In October 2015, Iranian Society of Acoustics and Vibration (ISAV), in its first year of its third-round curriculum is pleased to have pioneers and researchers of the community in the ISAV2015 held at University of Tehran (the oldest in the country). In our time, progressive contributions in engineering sciences as a software interface between the human and Mother Nature has a key role in promotion of the life facilities. Accordingly, acoustics and vibration here have received extensive attentions due to deal with verities of applications. Hypothetically, there are different fields of applications for this branch of engineering sciences. Sometimes, sound and vibrations are annoying and even destructive and they are to be suppressed or reduced. In some other occasions, sound and vibration are employed to discover physical phenomenon or to identify a dynamic characteristic or to monitor a condition. Nowadays, they are used to transfer mass and energy in Macro, Micro and Nano scales and more recently, they are addressed as a reliable source of energy to harvest. Wide range of applications in acoustics and vibration, not only reveal importance of this branch of engineering science but also confirm its mutli-disciplinary feature.
Acoustics and vibration always have been of interest since many times ago in Iran at the first millennium in which engineering sciences were initiated. The ISAV, is pleased to bring the pioneers and scientists in the community together from all around the world every year at its annual international conference. Fortunately, beside the official promotion received from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the ISAV with many outstanding achievements has successfully performed during its six years of activities. One may refer to: publication of the professional ISAV journal namely TAVA and its supporting magazine, promotion of annual award for the best dissertation, outstanding engineer and researcher, organizing professional workshops, seminars and exhibitions and an annual student competition in the area of sound and vibrations are some sort of the ISAV activities. As one of the main strategies of the ISAV, collaboration to the industrial sections has been always of importance. Consequently, separate industrial panels and sessions are organized every year at the ISAV annual conference.
At the end, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the ISAV2015 audience, authors, and directors of the University of Tehran, keynote speakers, committee members and directors, sponsors, referees and session chairs, workshop presenters, industrial partners and attendees, student executive members and the ISAV office for all their kind efforts to promote the ISAV2015. I wish you a pleasant time, fruitful conference and health.
Wish to see you in future ISAV conferences

Davood Younesian
The Iranian Society of Acoustics and Vibration

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