1st International Conference on Acoustics and Vibration

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The "First International Conference on Acoustics and Vibration (ISAV2011)" is organized by the "Iranian Society of Acoustics and Vibration" at the Mechanical Engineering Department, Amirkabir University of Technology, with scientific support from several major universities in Iran and some financial support from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the office of Vice President for Science and Technology .
Acoustics and Vibrations are important subdivision of applied sciences such as physics, Biology and various engineering fields such as Mechanical, Civil, Aerospace, Electronics and Control, Biomechanics, Sea and Ocean, Mechatronics, and Architecture.
The ISAV2011 conference with presentation of keynote speakers from Canada and USA, oral presentation of technical papers in 16 areas , several workshops, and industrial exhibition provides a unique opportunity to gather many scientists, researchers, industry engineers and post graduate students in the field of acoustic and vibration. This would provide opportunities to exchange information on topics of interest such as identification and modeling of linear and nonlinear acoustic and vibration, health monitoring of systems and structures, acoustic and vibration control, experimental design, and new technologies in sensors and actuators, development of acoustic and vibration.
For this conference more than 450 abstracts were received, and after review 400 of these abstracts were accepted and the authors were asked to submit the full paper. More than 270 full papers were received by the conference office, and after review of each paper by at least 3 experts from the list of 70 members of the scientific and review committees from 28 universities, 219 papers were accepted for oral presentation in the conference. From the accepted papers, 144 papers are presented in Farsi, and 75 papers from 9 countries are presented in English.
The conference organizers hope that the First International Conference on Acoustics and Vibration (ISAV2011) with oral presentations of selected professional papers, and publication of the book of abstracts and the proceeding of this conference would contribute some new results of analysis, and more developed methods in the scientific and technological advances to the field of Acoustics and Vibrations. I would also like to appreciate everyone who helped and supported us in organizing a successful conference in the field of Acoustics and Vibration.

Firooz Bakhtiari-Nejad, Professor
ISAV2011 Conference Chairman

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