isav history :

  • may 2009: willingness for establishing isav by a group of experts in the field of sound and vibration 
  • july 2009: the iranian commission of scientific associations agrees with the establishment of the isav 
  • 17 november 2009: the first general assembly, and the election of the first board of directors members, substitute members, the controller, and the substitute controller
  • 1 december 2009: first meeting of the board of directors, and the election of president, vise-president and trassurer for the isav 
  • march 2010: isav was introduced to the office for registration companies and non-commercial inxtitutions  
  • 14 may 2010: isav was registered at the office for registration companies and non-commercial inxtitutions  
  • 25 may 2010: ad published in the official gazette 
  • 9 june 2010: isavstarted its activities officially 


founding board members: 

  • dr. hamid ahmadian
  • dr. siamak esmaeelzadeh khadem
  • dr. mohamad eghtesad
  • dr. abdolreza ohadi hamedani
  • dr. firooz bakhtiari nejad
  • dr. mehdi behzad
  • dr. mehdi zahrai
  • dr. ali salehzade nobari
  • dr. saeed ziaee rad
  • dr. moahamad mahjoob jahromi
  • dr. morteza montazeri
  • dr. aghil yosofi koma


isav goals: 

  1. setting and development of standards 
  2.  communication between industries, academia and government research institutions and 
  3. connecting to the industies for resolving their technical issues, specially, for the related specialized environmental issues with the collaboration of environmental organization. 
  4. promote education in higher education institutions and universities 
  5. holding vocational training and short courses 
  6. holding periodic  and student conferences 
  7. publishing scientific journals and specialized periodicals 
  8. granting symbols and awards; (the best engineer, the best thesis and etc.) 
  9. establishing links with similar associations in other countries
  10. consultation for the triple powers of government 
  11. adjudication of the specialized claims 
  12. implementation of the studies and research projects assigned by the government