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The concepts of sound and vibration are widespread in everyday life of human being. As a matter of fact, noise pollution could be considered as one of the greatest concerns of human societies and environmental organizations. Since past, one the most significant research fields in various branches of engineering (Mechanical, civil, architecture, aeronautics, bio-mechanics, marine, mechatronics) has been the issues related to noise and vibration. Within the past two decades, this field of science by integrating with control concept (noise and vibration control) plays a vital role in the world of engineering. On the other hand, the concept of acoustic is one of the most important concepts of physics in the universities of the globe. It also functions as a main and professional subject in the occupational health. Although there are numerous well-known experts in our country, and lot of industrial and research projects have been conducted in the fields of sound and vibration; researchers worked individually in this field. By considering these issues, Iranian Society of Acoustics and Vibration can play an eye-catching role in creating a comprehensive atmosphere in order to exchange ideas and knowledge among the researchers and experts in the field of sound and vibration. We can reach the superior targets of this association just with the will of the God Almighty and your assistance.

8th International Conference on Acoustics and Vibration